What is The HR Freelancers Business Club?

(PLEASE NOTE – The HR Business Club is now permanently closed to new members.  Please click HERE for details about THE HR STUDIO which is our new membership club for HR Consultants)



The HR Freelancers Business Club is the business skills training and community hub supporting Independent HR Consultants to build and grow successful businesses


We provide affordable access to quality Business Skills training (because your HR skills aren’t going to help you to find those clients)


We provide a reliable place for you to get answers to all of your questions about


~ Setting up your business


~ Picking the right business model for you


~ Setting up a website


~Finding a profitable target market


~ Creating an effective marketing strategy


~ How to find business leads


 ~ How to turn those leads into clients


~ How to use social media to find clients


~ and the ten thousand other things you never thought you would need to know about!


You will be part of a supportive and vibrant community of Independent HR Consultants –  because running your own business is scary and can feel very isolating sometimes.


The people in your life may well be super supportive but if they have never tried to do what you are doing then they just won’t get it .  There is just no substitute for being part of a group of people who really understand the highs and lows (and then more highs) of working for yourself.


We provide support with accountability and implementation.


All the information in the world won’t help you if you don’t take action on it.  But it’s not always easy.  Everyone has advice and ideas about what you ‘must’ do. Everytime you go to a meeting or have a conversation or even hear something on the radio it triggers new ideas (shiny object syndrome – the curse of the entrepreneur!) and before you know it you have started a hundred different things and finished none of them.


At the Business Club we help you to choose the lead generation and client attraction strategies that work for you and then help you to stick to them until you get results.


We help you navigate through all the noise.  The internet is an amazing resource but where do you start?  You don’t want to miss anything so you try to consume everything – training webinars, YouTube videos, downloadable free resources, podcasts – but before very long it all gets incredibly overwhelming and you feel more confused than ever.


In the Business Club we actively avoid overwhelm – we keep everything very step by step and simple – workshops on the topics you need to learn about so you can access the training when you need it, weekly check in a mentoring calls to help with anything you feel stuck with, a community you can turn to for support when you need it, monthly guest speaker Masterclasses to keep you moving forward.


We provide affordable, highly effective training and support to Independent HR Consultants in the business building skills you need to find clients and make money.


In the Business Club you will find a library of training workshops on the areas you need to understand in order to create, launch and grow your Consultancy business.  The topics covered include


Sales & Marketing


Social media strategies


Business networking


Setting Prices


Email marketing strategies


Creating offers


and much more.


And if you join now then you will never be subject to a minimum membership period – you can stay as long as you want and leave whenever you choose to.

How does it work?

There are 4 core elements to The HR Freelancers Business Club,

1. A Library of pick and mix Business Skills Workshops 

2. Self Study Business Skills Development Programmes 

3. A Community of Independent HR Consultants 

4. Drop in mentoring and support sessions

As with anything the more you put in then the more you get out.

You don’t need to spoend hours and hours every week in the Business Club to get the benefit of it – in fact in terms of time it will probably take you far less time than you are spending now trying to piece everything together yourself.

We have clear pathways for you to follow, you pick the workshops and masterclassses you are most interested in, show up regularly, get involved and you will start to see the benefits quicker than you can believe.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

How long have you been trying to figure it all out?

How much time do you spend every week / month trying to figure out what you are missing, what piece of the puzzle you just can’t find but you feel like everyone else has?

How fed up are you with that voice in your head constantly nagging away telling you that you can’t make it work, that it’s the wrong time, that you’d really be better off looking for a ‘proper’ job? (My clients often refer to me as the voice in their head but I can promise that you won’t find me saying any of that!)

How many times have you found yourself thinking that there must be an easier / quicker / more effective way of doing all of these things?  (Hint – there usually is!)

I’m Tracey Hopkins and I set up The HR Freelancers Business Club in July 2019 because I had had enough of seeing people with amazing, valuable, much needed skills and experiences leave the HR Consultancy field and head back to the Corporate world because they couldn’t find the support they needed at a price they could afford.

So here it is – if you are ready for us, then we are ready for you – come on in and let’s get started!

When you start out on your own, everything feels daunting, but Tracey’s training and advice has really boosted my confidence and helped me see the
steps I need to take to make my business a success. The Business Club is well worth the money for that alone, but the support and encouragement I get from the rest of the members is incredible. We have become a real community and I don’t know what I’d do without any of them!

Katie Murray

Director, Dolphin HR Ltd

Tracey has brought together a great group of HR professionals in a friendly, fun and supportive environment. The training and discussion proved very helpful to me in the early stages of my HR consultancy business. Thank you, Tracey and other HR Biz Club folks! Sam Woozley

Director, Rephrase HR Ltd

I’ve found the Business Club to be incredibly helpful and my only regret is that it hadn’t been set up in my first 3 months of business. If it had I would’ve literally saved thousands in unnecessary costs. The combination of Tracey’s brilliant guidance and experience, together with the Business Club ‘family’ that it creates has been invaluable and I’d recommend it to any HR professional setting up their own business. It’s a great investment at an incredibly reasonable price. Pete Colby

Director, Pragmatism (UK) Ltd

I’m really loving the support I’m getting so far – I’ve achieved more in the past 10 days than I have in the last 5 months!

It’s working! Recent LinkedIn posts are up to over 1,000 views and I’ve picked up 3 new pieces of work!

Business Club Subscribers

Who is The Business Club for?

The HR Freelancers Business Club provides an affordable route into training and mentoring  and support for,

 – HR Professionals who are in the early stages of moving from a Corporate Career into Consultancy (Start Up to 2 yrs in Business) 


 – Established HR Consultants looking to re-boot your business building strategy, find a new approach or access to advice and support for any reason.

It is membership based so you pay an affordable monthly amount for as long as you want to access the training and support available. Whenever you decide you don’t want to carry on then you just cancel your membership – there is no contract and no tie-in.


Q – Can  join if I’m not an Independent HR Consultant?

A – The Business Club is for HR Professionals who are providing their services on an independent basis – so whether this is as a Freelancer, an Independent Consultant, a Coach, a trainer or anything else related to the management and development of people in the workplace then the Business Club can support you in doing that.

Q – Can I join if I haven’t started my business yet?

A – Yes we have pathways and training workshops in The Business Club for pre launch HR Consultants as well as those who have already started their business.  It will be better if you are intending to start your Business in the next 6 months or so – if it is going to be after that then you are better off waiting and joining a little later on.

Q – Does it matter if I can’t make the live elements?

A – No.  If you can make it along to mentoring calls – even occasionally – then you will definitely benefit from them but it’s not essential. All of the other training is uploaded into the Business Club training library so you can access it when you are ready to do so.

Q – What will the cost be if I decide to join later?

A – The monthly fee for the Business Club is £45.00 a month.  There are no definite decisions on future monthly fees but  but it will never be offered at a price of less than £45.00 per month.

Q – If I join now will the price go up for me later? 

A – The price to subscribe to The Business Club is likely to increase over time but the price you join at will always be the price you pay as long as you continuously remain a member.  If you decide to leave and re-join at a later date then you will need to join at whatever the current rate is.

Q – Can I pay annually? 

A – No there is no annual payment option

Q – What happens if I decide I don’t want to continue with my membership?

A – The Business Club is designed to be a no tie-in option for you.  You can leave at any time, no questions asked, by cancelling your PayPal subscription and emailing me to let me know.  Please note that there are no partial month refunds so your membership will continue to be active until the end of the current payment month but you will not be charged again.

Q – Other than the monthly membership fee are there any other charges?

A – No – everything is included in your monthly subscription

Q – Can I join later?

A – Yes, of course.  But we can always find a reason to put things off and that’s not the road to the results you are looking for.  The longer you put it off the further down the road you are pushing your goals and dreams.  The best day to start is always today.